Recreational area Spaarnwoude

Discover the diverse Spaarnwoude

The recreational area Spaarnwoude is near Amsterdam, Haarlem, and Hoofddorp. For those who want to escape the crowdedness of the cities and explore nature, Spaarnwoude is your go-to! Here you can completely relax and discover the rich nature of North Holland, or indulge yourself in all kinds of sports activities.

The recreation area has a rich history, which can be found in every type of element. Spaarnwoude, as we know it today, has its origins in the 1960s. The aim was to create more recreational areas so that nature can also manifest. At that time, Haarlem and Amsterdam became increasingly densely populated. As a result, the need for entertainment outside the city grew, and there was more demand for a place to recreate. As a result, an open polder of 3000 hectares was chosen between Amsterdam and Zuid-Kennemerland and was named 'Spaarnwoude.' This is named after the village nearby. In addition to the beautiful natural landscape, you can explore and learn more about: Het Oer-IJ, De Stompe Toren, Molen de Veer, and all kinds of special art. Do you want to know more about the rich history? Then continue reading here.

In addition to the special history of Spaarnwoude, there are also all kinds of activities, events, and much more. There is a way for everyone! View the agenda here and plan your trip to this beautiful recreation area.

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