Free Wifi

Feel free to use the free WIFI! 

Gift card

Who wouldn't want a stylish gift card? The perfect gift for your loved one (s), or a stylish "treat yourself" moment. Our gift card gives you access to almost 100 brands in our center. This fantastic gift card is available at our service point and via this link! The gift card can only be paid online with a credit card. There are several payment options at the service point. When you buy a gift card online, it can be sent to an address in the Netherlands.

*Our gift card is currently not valid at all stores, click here for more information.
40 chargers' electrical cars

For our people who are driving an electrical car, we have got 40 electrical charging spots available at our car-parking!


To make your stay even more comfortable at our centre, our hostess employees got you covered! They are more than happy to answer all of your questions about our stores, services, environment and general information about our centre. On top of it, you can also purchase our stylish gift card, goodies, or borrow a charger for your phone!


We have more than 1,470 covered parking spaces directly below the center and another 750 directly next to it. These are the rates:

First 3 hours EUR 1.50 per 60 minutes
This summer we have a max day fee of 4,50 EUR

Payment methods: Creditcard/Debitcard/Cash/ParkMobile

The opening hours of our parking garage are from 7 AM till 11 PM.


For users of the Parkmobile app, our barrier opens automatically. Driving in and out is done via license plate recognition*. Payment is done as you are used to, easy afterwards!

*Read here how to turn license plate recognition on and off.

Tax Refund

For all our customers that are living outside the European Union, we have a special tax refund service that makes it possible to recover part of the amount of VAT on purchases that are made in our centre. This special service is located at our service point.

Borrow a charger

Is your phone empty? Don’t worry! At our service point, you can borrow a power bank, to make sure your phone is fully charged. 

Borrow an umbrella

Is it raining, but you don't have an umbrella with you? No worries! You can borrow an umbrella at our service & information point. Leave your name and telephone number and you can shop carefree through the rain! Our service & information point is located at the entrance Paris.

Changing room

We try to provide everyone with everything in a responsible way. Do you want to change your baby? We got you covered! We have two changing rooms in our center. At the entrance of Milan and Paris. Both rooms have a fold-out table, wipes (as a mat for the table), a microwave to heat up baby food, a chair to sit on, and a tap to wash your hands. Of course, we ensure that the rooms are cleaned daily, for a clean and hygienic environment.

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