Beer tasting Jopenkerk

Taste the authentic beer at the Jopenkerk

In the fourteenth century, the city of Haarlem grew into one of the most important brewing cities in the Netherlands. Breweries are running at full capacity and the barley liquor is transported across the Spaarne in 'Jopen' (barrels of 112 liters). Jopen beer is known as good quality beer and is even known abroad. On June 8, 2010, a church in Haarlem is transformed into a Jopenkerk, by brewer Chris Wisse. Shortly afterward, on November 11, 2010, the first visitors can enjoy a tasting of the Jopen beer and accompanying tour. Click here to read the full history of the Jopenkerk.

Besides the brewery itself, you can also have a nice lunch or enjoy a glass of Jopen beer in the grand café from 10:00 to 01:00. Book your reservation at the grand café here. It is located on the ground floor.

Even more variety in dining? Then you also have the restaurant on the first floor. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes with a little wink to their own Jopen beer. They also have an extensive wine list for non-beer lovers. Click here to make a reservation.

From the grand café and restaurant, you can watch the entire brewing process of the Jopen beer. From Monday to Friday, the brewers work hard here to brew delicious Jopen beer.

Plan your trip to the Jopenkerk here.

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