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Le Creuset
The French brand Le Creuset was founded in 1925. Le Creuset is known for its innovations over the years. The brand was started in 1925 by two Belgians who decided to establish the company in France because of its central location and good transport options. In recent years, the company has diversified, introducing enamelled steel water boilers, stainless steel items and enamelled earthenware tableware. Le Creuset's utensils feature a French design that evokes the high quality of French cuisine. The brand is not only known for its pans, oven dishes and other cooking utensils, Le Creuset kettles are also true classics.
The Le Creuset pans are of high quality and offer every option to prepare dishes in the perfect way. The bottom of the Le Creuset pan ensures that the heat is quickly and evenly distributed over the bottom. The pans of the brand have been appreciated for years by professional and hobby chefs. The smooth, impermeable layer of enamel on the Le Creuset pans makes them easy to clean and ingredients do not stick.
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