Today open: 10:00 - 18:00

Candy dispensers hanging from the ceiling, ice cream prepared right in front of you, and snacks and sweets as far as the eye can see... That's Jamin!
Whether you're crazy about candy from America, Japan, or anywhere else in the world, you'll find it here. Nowhere else offers such a vast selection of the most surprising delights as the #1 Candy and Chocolate store in the Netherlands. All your guilty pleasures in one shop.
But in this new Candy Paradise 3.0, you'll not only find every imaginable treat for yourself, but also the best gifts and presents to surprise someone in a unique way.
Starting now, you'll discover countless new packaging options that you can fill to your liking with a choice of over 300 types of bulk candy. There's even an entire wall full of chocolate, and every week we amaze with new hits that will make your mouth water.
So, come by our store quickly and let yourself be amazed! Nomnomnommm...
This store is part of Club LifeStylers
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