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Recharge Yourself

Discover a world of flavour and start your day off right with a cup of our premium coffee, full of flavour and aroma, perfectly roasted for the ultimate coffee experience. And for the quick bite, our sandwiches are a real treat, with fresh toppings and crusty bread that makes every bite a delight.


Enjoy the perfect combination of tender meat and fresh ingredients, crispy chips that are golden brown and irresistible, and artisan chocolate. The sophistication of colourful macarons, each with a unique and delectable filling. Taste the richness of artisan cheeses, aged with care for a perfect balance of flavours. Indulge in an assortment of sweets that combine nostalgia and indulgence.



POMMES FRITES The Burger Federation Dunkin

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Amsterdam The Style Outlets

SugarCity Ring 1
1165 PB Halfweg

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