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As a center, we also try to contribute to a sustainable world. We are thinking here of making various facilities aspects in the center more sustainable, consciously dealing with waste, setting up sustainable initiatives with our stores, and creating awareness of a responsible and sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability is more than a project, but a commitment. Together we work on a green commitment for people, animals, and nature.

Green energy

We use green energy

Did you know that the production and use of energy are today the main cause, along with transport, of greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for climate change? At Amsterdam The Style Outlets, we contribute to the sustainable use of energy. Check out what guidelines we apply.


We recycle our waste

Separating waste saves a lot. Paper, plastic, glass, food, and batteries can then be largely reused for various purposes. This saves a lot of energy, raw materials, money and contributes to a cleaner and better world.

40 green electrical spots

We have 40 green electrical spots

Sustainable initiatives
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