Closet Cleaning

Time to sweep through your wardrobe. Clear out what no longer fits or what you haven't worn for years. This way you create more space for your new wardrobe and contribute to a more sustainable world.
As a center we also try to do our part in this and in collaboration with 'Sympany' we ensure that your old clothes get a new destination.

Sympany ensures that every piece of fabric can be turned into something valuable. They sell what is reusable - re-use - and recycle what is left.

As a thank you for returning your clothes at Amsterdam The Style Outlets, you will receive a voucher with which you will receive a 10% discount on your new purchases at participating stores.

How does it work:
- Take your old clothes to the outlet
- Hand in your clothes at the info point (Paris)
- Receive your 10% discount voucher and shop for 1 day with a 10% discount at selected brands (not valid in combination with other promotions)

10 Tips to tidy up your closet:

1. Get everything out of your closet
2. Sort by type, color, size
3. Stack up all your folded clothes
4. Give away, hand in, throw away clothes (never throw them away)
5. Be honest about items you have more of
6. Store your clothes efficiently (hang/lay by color and/or type)
7. Hand in your clothes at ATSO!
8. Get 10% off shopping at ATSO
9. Make cool content from the above
10. Enter the GIVEAWAY! (keep an eye on our socials)

Need inspiration? Take a look on Netflix: "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" or "The Minimalist Less is Now".

If you want to make your wardrobe a bit more sustainable anyway, take a look at the brands in our center that have included sustainable collections in their range. Click here to see what we do with regard to sustainability.

Click here to see where you can get a 10% discount!


Not only do you get the best tips for recycling your clothes on our social media, but here we also tell you everything about the giveaway and the new collections and offers!


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