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Amsterdam The Style Outlets is one of four new The Style Outlets projects emerging in Europe, and the first one in the Netherlands. Located in Halfweg, halfway between the Dutch capital and Haarlem, close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, it is about to become the first outlet mall in the Greater Amsterdam area.

It will be part of a modern post-industrial zone commonly referred to as the "Sugar City" and considered among fastest-developing areas in the Netherlands. The first stage of Amsterdam The Style Outlets is scheduled for completion in 2019.

The center will be built and managed by NEINVER - one of Europe's leading developers and managers of outlet malls. Based on its vast international experience, the company is going to launch The Style Outlets platform on the Dutch market.


More than half available space leased - Amsterdam The Style Outlets

Well-known international and national brands have shown great interest in Amsterdam The Style Outlets; more than 50 percent of the available space is already leased. Sebastian Sommer, Business Development Director Europe is satisfied with the interest shown in this phase of the project; 'Most of the time, brands want to see the property being at least under construction beforehand.'

Most of the brands are top brands, whose names will be revealed some months before the opening. Sixty to seventy percent of the shops will offer fashion and furthermore, there will be shops that offer sports items, accessories and home items. There is also space for recreation zones, restaurants and terraces to complete the shopping experience.

The building of Amsterdam The Style Outlets in Halfweg is moving ahead as planned and is about to enter into another phase. After the preparatory phase, the construction site is more and more ready for the start of constructions. The first developments are visible - for instance, the water has been removed, sheet piles are placed and the excavation is progressing well. Early next year, the construction will commence.

The opening of Amsterdam The Style Outlets is planned for 2019.

Amsterdam The Style Outlets

Halfweg, 8 november 2016 - Deze week starten de voorbereidende werkzaamheden voor de bouw van Amsterdam The Style Outlets, het eerste outletcenter van NEINVER in Nederland. De voorbereidende werkzaamheden bestaan onder andere uit het opruimen van het terrein, het afgraven en de bouw van een damwand. De werkzaamheden worden uitgevoerd op verzoek van de huidige eigenaar van het terrein en projectontwikkelaar Cobraspen. De omwonenden in de gemeente zijn geïnformeerd over de aanstaande werkzaamheden en eventuele overlast zal zoveel mogelijk worden beperkt. De voorbereidende werkzaamheden zullen ongeveer drie maanden duren en worden uitgevoerd door De Nijs - UBA.
Na de voorbereidende fase, zal de bouwfase starten. Amsterdam The Style Outlets opent naar verwachting in 2018 haar deuren en wordt een internationale high-end winkelbestemming met bekende Nederlandse en internationale merken uit het hogere segment. Het outletcentrum wordt gebouwd op het voormalige suikerfabriek terrein in Halfweg. Amsterdam The Style Outlets zal een oppervlakte hebben van 18.000 m2 en er zullen ongeveer 115 winkels in komen. Ook is er 1.000 m2 oppervlakte bestemd voor recreatie en restaurants met terrassen, passages, tuinen en een kindvriendelijke ruimte. Daarnaast biedt het outletcenter voorzieningen voor 1.950 auto’s waarvan 1.450 in het complex zelf en aanvullend nog 500 plaatsen op het SugarCity-terrein.


Amsterdam The Style Outlets fills the gap between Amsterdam and Haarlem. It is going to be the first outlet mall in the Greater Amsterdam area - located in Halfweg [halfweg = half way], a town that lies approximately halfway between the Dutch capital and Haarlem, the tulip industry's center that holds a great historical value.

  • Adjacent to N200 road that links Amsterdam and Haarlem
  • Next to a network of expressways connecting all parts of the country
  • Close to Amsterdam's ring-road
  • Next to Halfweg-Zwanenburg railway station - two stops away from Amsterdam Central Station (where 80 trains leave towards Halfweg every day)
  • 10 minutes away from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol that handles 52m passengers each year (incl. flights to Asia and the Americas)


The 180-meter elevation is going to complement the Sugar City style, while at the same time attracting potential customers by being clearly visible from Amsterdam-Haarlem road and the Ringvaart canal.The facade resembles a dynamic mosaic of tenement houses and industrial buildings. It will be made of materials which dominate the Dutch architecture: bricks, wood and glass. The main entrance and a vertical garden are likely to function as the most conspicuous and eye-catching elements.

Catchment Area

  • 12.130.000
    potential shoppers
  • €73 billion
    purchasing power

Floor Plan


Sugar City

Amsterdam The Style Outlets belongs to the highly modern Sugar City zone, a post-industrial area formerly occupied by a sugar factory (1863-1919), which has recently found itself amongst most appealing investment sites in the western part of the country. The urban renewal project involves a large (118,000 sqm) complex that will retain the historical look and feel, while serving a variety of modern roles:

  • Entertainment (incl. a movie theater and an exhibition hall)
  • Office (two office buildings shaped like the factory's silos that used to stand here)
  • Retail (incl. outlet stores and supermarket)


Tourism key marketing actions:

  • Cooperation with the city and region Tourism and Promotional Offices.
  • Visibility in all top hotels in Amsterdam and the region (information for concierges, reception desk: invitations, information leaflets).
  • Cooperation (cross-promotions) with top Amsterdam tourist destinations.
  • Shuttle Bus service.
  • Welcome packages and Guest Cards with additional discounts.
  • Advertising in tourism dedicated magazines and international tourists touch points (airport, airport shuttle service, Centraal Station, etc..).
  • Digital marketing, multilingual website.
  • Tourism Information in the centre.
  • V.A.T. refund service desk.

Average tourist in Amsterdam spent (2012):

  • Americans € 181
  • British € 155
  • Belgium € 153
  • BRIC countries € 152
  • German € 145
  • Spanish € 145
  • Italian € 137
  • French € 126


Our centres’ architectural design not only ensures meeting their technical goals but also guarantees that NEINVER’s properties will be benchmarks for sustainable development.

The company is firmly committed to implementing BREEAM parameters across the portfolio, which is why our Amsterdam The Style Outlets project is in the process of earning BREEAM-NL certification.

Our dedication to the environment as part of our corporate social responsibility goes beyond the design phase, since we also apply it to the operating phase of all our centres.


Sugar City, Halweg
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