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Amsterdam The Style Outlets will be the first and only outlet centre in the Greater Amsterdam, just 8 minutes by train from Amsterdam city.  Perfectly located in the populous Randstad region - the economic heart of the Netherlands - and in the modern SugarCity zone, considered among the fastest-developing areas in the Netherlands.

It will offer tourists and locals an exciting new retail experience, with an exclusive mix of premium international and Dutch brands and a complete offer of additional services in a welcoming environment.

Its architecture has elements resembling old factory buildings, and since it is built on pilings and by a canal, the outlet centre virtually emerges from the water, a clear reference to traditional Amsterdam architecture.

Developed by NEINVER, one of Europe's leading developers and managers of outlet centres in joint venture with TH Real Estate, Amsterdam The Style Outlets is scheduled for completion in autumn 2020.


Amsterdam The Style Outlets at MAPIC 2018

NEINVER and Amsterdam The Style Outlets will be at MAPIC 2018 at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France from 14–16 November. Come visit us!


Amsterdam The Style Outlets will be located between Amsterdam and Haarlem. It will be the first outlet centre in the Greater Amsterdam area, located in Halfweg [halfweg = "halfway"], a town approximately halfway between the Dutch capital and Haarlem, the tulip industry's centre that holds great historical value.

  • 10 minutes from Schiphol Airport by car and 8 minutes from Amsterdam city centre by train
  • Adjacent to the N200 motorway that links Amsterdam and Haarlem
  • Next to a network of motorways connecting all parts of the country: the A200, A9 and A5
  • Close to Amsterdam's ring road
  • Next to Halfweg-Zwanenburg railway station - two stops away from Amsterdam Central Station (where 80 trains leave for Halfweg every day)


The 180-metre elevation will complement the SugarCity style, while also attracting potential customers by being clearly visible from the Amsterdam-Haarlem road and the Ringvaart canal. The facade resembles a dynamic mosaic of tenement houses and industrial buildings. It will be made of materials that dominate Dutch architecture: bricks, Wood and glass. 

The centre will be compactly built. Above its two levels of parking will sit a Small “town” with Little streets and squares that accommodate shops and restaurants.

Catchment Area

  • 12.1 million
    Potential shoppers within a 90 minutes’ drive
  • €73 billion
    Purchasing power
  • 4th-largest
    Metropolitan area in Europe
  • + 50%
    Of the Netherlands‘ GDP is in the Randstad region

Floor Plan



Amsterdam The Style Outlets is part of the highly modern SugarCity zone, a post-industrial area formerly occupied by a sugar factory (1863–1919), which has recently found itself among the most appealing investment sites in the western part of the country. The urban renewal project involves a  large (118,000 m²) complex that will retain the historical look and feel while serving a variety of modern roles: entertainment, offices and retail.


Amsterdam is the third most visited city in Europe. This booming tourist destination welcomed in 2017 around 17.6 million tourists ( +11% vs. 2016), who spent overall almost €13 billion  in the Amsterdam area.

In 2017, there were more international conferences hosted in the Randstad region than in any other region in Europe.

Amsterdam is the third worldwide favourite location for multinationals’ choice of headquarters.

Amsterdam The Style Outlets will be strategically located close to Amsterdam city centre (8 minutes by train) and Schiphol Airport (a 10-minute drive). In 2017, 86.4 million passengers used Schiphol airport (+7.7% vs. 2016).


NEINVER works not only to meet the projects’ technical goals, but also guarantees that the centres become benchmarks for sustainable development.

The company ensures that all its assets are developed to meet requirements of BREEAM certifications, with Amsterdam The Style Outlets in the process of earning the BREEAM-NL certification.

As part of NEINVER’s commitment to social responsibility, the company incorporates sustainability criteria into each and every phase of its projects, from pre-development to asset management, including solutions in the field of energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste production and management.

The various sustainability measures in and around the building can be divided into six  categories:

- fostering transport that has no or low CO2 emissions
- reduction of energy and water usage
- waste management
- structure  flexibility in order to adapt to commercial needs
- type and source of materials used
- usage of a water ecosystem


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