Boxeur Des Rues

Boxeur Des Rues

Boxeur Des Rues is a French-Italian streetwear and sportswear brand founded in 2003 based in Milan.

The company is active in design, manufacturing, licensing, and marketing of fashion and sports clothing and goods, such as shoes and accessories. Boxeur Des Rues literally means "street fighting boxer". The brand is inspired by the world of Savate, the French boxing born by the fusion of traditional western boxing techniques and oriental Martial arts that was learned by French sailors returning from the various ports of the Far East and Southeast Asia at the beginning of the 19th century. Subsequently, these techniques merged with each other, evolving and beginning to be used in frequent street raids. Later in Marseille, the most important and toughest European port, numerous illegal combat circles (the "Fight Clubs") were born with a large round of betting around them. From here the name "Boxeur Des Rues": true sportsmen, born and raised on the streets. The brand is actually an expression of the fusion of "streetwear" and "sportswear".

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